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Examples of the use of Excel formulas with Macro Commands (VBA)
1) Update of UF 2010 values in Excel spreadsheet
Using Excel formulas it is possible to update a spreadsheet with historic values of a financial or stock index. In this example, UF (Unidad de Fomento) values are extracted for year 2010 directly to an Excel spreadsheet.

2) Conversion of different currencies to Dollars or Euros in Excel spreadsheet
With automatic update through macro commands in Excel you will be able to obtain conversion values for 151 different currencies worldwide, to US Dollar or Euro.
Source: Sauder School of Business

3) Information search and comparisons
In this spreadsheet it has been programmed a macro command in Excel that is able to search and compare values among two sheets. The idea is to check whether the data in one sheet is found in the other and how many times it is repeated.
See further instructions in the attached spreadsheet.

4) Distances between 131 cities in Chile
The following spreadsheet contains information of distances between 131 cities in Chile, which are displayed in a double-entrance table. Using forms and macros programming (VBA), we are able to search for distances between different cities in Chile in a simple and direct way among the data table.

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