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About Us was created as a way of helping companies to optimize the Excel spreadsheets they use as a tool in the different areas of their business.

The experience of’s partners in the different jobs they have had throughout their professional life, have made them realize that most companies don´t take advantage of the unlimited potential of this tool.

The spreadsheets in a company – no matter if it is small, medium or big – are generally sub-utilized; this is due to the fact that in many cases people don’t know the principal functions of this tool, and because creating well-thought, structured and optimized spreadsheets – through instructions coded in Macros (Visual Basic for Applications; VBA) – is not part of the business’ logics.

This is how is born, offering this service as outsourcing; your company may contact us in a simple and easy way through our web site

How We Work

Our concept is to take advantage of Internet technology and contact our clients remotely. We think this is the more efficient and fast way of working, and so it has demonstrated our work experience. - Spreadsheet outsourcing services

Our service is structured in 3 steps:

Step1: Requirements study: you may send us a description of your needs through a Word document (.doc) along with the Excel spreadsheet (.xls) you want to improve or optimize.

Step2: Quotation: will study your requirements and send you by email a quotation for our improvement and optimization service.

Step3: Delivery and Payment: once you have accepted our quotation, we would proceed with the improvement and optimization of your Excel spreadsheet. After the necessary interactions, we would deliver the definite version of the solution. The payment method is through wire transfer or PayPal. - Spreadsheet Outsourcing services